A Book and A Brew – Home-Start Book Swap Parties







We are looking for people to host a Home-Start Book Swap party in March.

  • Invite your friends for coffee/drinks
  • Ask them to bring 1 or 2 books to swap
  • Raise awareness and funds for Home-Start

We have put together a party kit with template invitations, Home-Start leaflets, hosting guidelines and a small collection box which you can request from Angie in the office.

Please feel free to use these as suits your needs. E.g. If you prefer to run an evening event, someone suggested calling it ‘Prosecco and Paperbacks’?  Or you may wish to link it with World Book Day on Thursday 2 March? It’s up to you. You could visit http://lifestyle.howstuffworks.com/event-planning/how-to-host/how-to-host-book-swap1.htm for more inspiration

Next steps

If you would like to host a Home-Start Book Swap, please let Angie Ahmed know and she can send you a party pack. We envisage that the Book Swap parties will take place in March, but it is up to you.

Any questions, please speak with Angie angie@homestart-richmond.org.uk or 020 8487 8500. Many thanks!